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Warm Greeting from Anakato Heritage Guest Houses ,

The quirky brand Anakato (which means our Home) — started in 2008, with one unique storybook looking Nubian House on the banks of the Nile in Gharb Soleil (Nubia), Aswan. Now, it has expanded into a bigger community empowerment and partnership program as mentioned above. We now manage different Nubian boutique houses as well as apartments, islands and resorts spread out in all remaining Nubian villages (starting from Gharb Aswan through to the High Dam and Lake Naser).

We are known for our various daily all-round year activities, which range from ancient spa and sanding/medicinal earthing, mud skin healing, camel trips across the deserts and tombs of lost civilizations, bird watching, kayaking and sand-boarding, and your privacy for chilling and “Just Be” at our quaint Anakato beach spot. All our events are customized as per your requirements, as well as Gala events and dinners (whether for family functions, weddings, or for corporate events, — we have a unique pavilion spot just for this). We are known for ambience! Attached is information on all the activities.

In addition, we also embrace wellness and healing, where we have a special yoga month twice a year, with a specialized international Indian  teacher, who is part of the Anakato family too. The environment is conducive to happiness yoga and meditation. Here at Anakato, our mission is to help you to find the best version of yourself in magical Nubia!

We look forward to hosting you. Through your visit, you become a member of our ever-growing Anakato Family.


AnaKato Nubian houses are located in Gharb Soheil Nubian Village on the west bank of The River Nile , One-hour flight from Cairo and 15 minutes from Aswan International Airport (10 Kilometres), 25Minutes by boat from Aswan old market (east bank) ,30Minutes by car from Aswan train station  and 25 minutes by motor boat, and 180 Kilometres from Luxor.  


  Anakato , Escape to the conquest of  wonderful Nature & Discover life’s other side

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