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We trust you will be captivated, entranced by the beauty of this picturesque, magnificent Nubian place. It is like no other! The sublime tranquility is a refreshing treat. Anakato Nubian Houses offer a myraid of Activities... 

No such thing as a dull moment!


Anakato Beach

This day package is available all year around. Beach Chill. Yes, a sandy beach in Nubia! You relax in this private and secluded unique Anakato beach. You may combine this with water sports such as Kayak or still swimming, reading, yoga or even meditation. Customized meals can be prepared on this beach. Anakato guests have complimentary access


Anakato Kayak Cardio

Raise your metabolism with Kayaking. Tour around the beach; combine it with the mud musk and sand burying - in this cleanest part of the Nile


Anakato Sand Boarding

Slide on the golden sands of Nubia using our sand boarding tools. It’s quite popular among foreigners and youth. It’s like water ski but on sand


Anakato Yoga Flow

This sunset Yoga Flow experience is the best way to wind down your day, and connect with your inner self. We have various yoga spots for your practice


Anakato Bird Watching

Meander through the protected islands around of the 1st Cataract of the Nile, and watch unique varieties of birds indigenous to this region. This is a guided sunrise tour with a minimum of 4 people. Wake up to the energy of these mornings and sounds of the birds. Be ready at 6am


Anakato Sand/Mud Earthing

Take a Nile mineral mud mask, to ionize your body. Following this, you can earth to correct your pulse with the ancient Sand Burying technique, to heal many disorders and ailments. Bring your swimsuits


Anakato Lost Civilization

This is a camel expedition through the desert and tombs of the old civilizations. You will visit special tombs, monasteries and a faith spot. You can begin or with a boat ride, as well as choose a sunrise or sunset experience


The Elephantine

Take a boat taxi to another untouched Nubian Village, the Elephantine Village, this is like walking back old Nubian History... meander around the village meeting the locals with our guide, have mint tea at one of the houses, spend time at the museum


Anakato Sandalwood Steam

This is an ancient Nubian steam technique to infuse an aroma-sensual fragrance into your body. The best time to do this is the evenings (5pm onwards). If you suffer from high blood pressure or any ailments please let us know in advance (as we will adjust accordingly). Bring your sunglasses to prevent your eyes from the dry heat


Anakato Boat Trip

Take the traditional tour. Sit on the upper deck and enjoy the Nile breeze while you cruise towards North. We shall help you design your own boat trip, be it full day or half day


Anakato Enchanted Events

We take pride is hosting spectacular Gala events and dinners be it for private family functions, weddings, corporate events. We will sing dance and party the Nubian way, with our special cuisine, alongside the banks of the Nile. Our New Year Parties are ‘above and beyond’, so book way in advance. Pricing will be customized as per your needs


Philae Temple / Lake Nasser / Botanic Garden

Anakato Nubian Houses can also arrange trips to Lake Nasser, Philae Temple, Sound and Light, Nubian Museum, etc.


No such thing as a dull moment!

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